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Ford-Fiesta-R5-Nil-SolansThe Spanish rider opens new colors in Germany as the current JWRC champion.

Nil Solans and Miki Ibáñez will have a radical change in their decoration for the second half of their season in the World Rally Championship in the WRC2 category. The old decoration gives way to gold and black, with a decoration that makes clear its position as current Junior World Champion, a title that was achieved last season.

Since M-Sport have decided to change the labeling to be a claim object for new entries in the JWRC – that is, this initiative has not come from the Spanish pilot but from M-Sport and in particular from the Polish division, responsible for managing the JWRC. Taking advantage of the remaining shares, have decided to give a completely different label to the car, much more publicity, for the interests of M-Sport, also showing a shield that credits him as world champion of the category.

Solans himself warned that there would be a change of decoration last July through their social networks, but did not come to give concrete clues about its final appearance, very different from the aspect it has shown in the first tests of the season. We must also remember that the one taking over as JWRC champion this year will have a different prize: instead of having the management and maintenance of the car by M-Sport, the winning team will receive the car as a gift, but without the management of the same in the races that run in 2019.

Another noteworthy detail in the car is that it already highlights the presence of Pirelli as a supplier of tires to replace Dmack – which reflects the change in the JWRC itself, moving from Dmack to Pirelli this season. The main sponsors of Solans, MRW, GRO, ACSM and RACC, remain in the body although with a different image than before, according to the new decoration.

Therefore, in the Rally of Germany a season starts with a very different aspect for Solans and Ibáñez in every way, with the idea of leaving behind all the problems they have suffered in the first half of the season. Germany is also the first rally that they played in the WRC2 category when they competed with the Peugeot 208 T16 of ACSM in 2015

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