Nil Solans and the RFEdA already work together towards 2019

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Nil Solans will continue the second part of the season in the WRC2 category of the World Rally Championship, with a revised program and renewed strength. On the morning of Wednesday, July 25, he met with the president of the Spanish Automobile Federation Manuel Aviñó to prepare for the 2019 season.

After an unfortunate start to the season in which he has not been able to show his potential and be where he should be in WRC2, Solans (current Junior World Champion and WRC3 champion) will start the second half in the Rallye Deutschland, and then continue in the RallyRACC. Instead of the Dmack tires he has used in the first half of the year, Solans will wear Pirelli tires, current supplier of tires for the Junior WRC after having succeeded to Dmack in this position for this season.

The relationship between the pilot of Matadepera and the federation of Aviñó is at a high point, a detail that is always important for the success of a pilot in high level sport. The president and the entire federation continue to defend and support the pilots of our country, being an example of Solans, a pilot who has managed to compete internationally for several years, now framed as one of the usual WRC2.

Solans is aware that Aviñó does everything in his power to help cases like Solans, Spanish pilots who compete internationally. Although a few months ago was denied a first call for help requested by the Royal Spanish Federation of Motorsports, the Higher Sports Council, our Federation does not stop trying to help Nil, and again has requested again the help that truly deserves our Junior World Champion, confident that this second time, it can be effective.

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