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nil-solans-condenado-a-las-averias_fullThe string of problems of Nil Solans and Miki Ibáñez continues to grow without apparent explanation, destroying a great performance in the Rally of Portugal – his fourth round of the year in the WRC2 category of the World Rally Championship. A puncture and a broken tire in the last section of the second pass, Amarante (the longest of the entire event with more than 37 kilometers timed), has left them out of the race after having overcome the worst part of one of the harder races that are remembered in the world stage of the last years.

From the beginning of the test Solans and Ibáñez started with a disadvantage: the discharge valve was giving problems in the shakedown session, so their engineers decided to reduce the power of the propeller to improve the reliability of the set. Throughout the first stage there were no mechanical problems, but the lack of power, coupled with the soft Dmack tires did not provide the same grip as the Michelin of their rivals in the category, made them could only be in sixth position at term of the first stage.

In the second stage Solans – who spent the night in the hospital because of back pains, but recovered throughout the morning – continued with his pace, falling to seventh position after overtaking Pedro Heller but being overtaken by Pierre -Louis Loubet and Hiroki Arai. He regained sixth place after the abandonment of Gus Greensmith, staying close to the times of Loubet and Arai.

Unfortunately, at kilometer 24 he punctured the right rear tire and the rim was bent, so they could not change it quickly and decided to leave. This bad taste of mouth joins all the problems that have been found in the rallies of Mexico, Corsica and Argentina, a campaign that has been twisted in an unimaginable way since it was the prize as champion of the JWRC in 2017.

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