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solans15_alemaniaThe young Spanish driver has left the rally with the main novelty of riding in the Ford Fiesta R5 a new Pirelli tires, driving being very different compared to the previously used Dmack. The new tires have not had the opportunity to test them until a few days before the start of the test, being their first contact with them in the ‘Monday Test’; having another opportunity to test them on Thursday morning with the Shakedown dispute to try to get the most out of it. In addition to this, the decoration has undergone a change of face to this test, sporting the decoration that grants him being the champion of the Junior WRC of last season.

The test has started surprising everyone, since in the first stage he was leading until the last Split, having only been overcome at the end of the stage by only three tenths in favor of the Czech Jan Kopecký. This has somehow seemed luck or chance.

In the second section of the day came in tenth position in the category. The sky was very cloudy, but the first cars were lucky enough to dispute this special with full sun and the section completely dry; but when there were only a few minutes left for the Solans start it started to rain and several parts of the stage were found with the wet floor, both the Spaniard and the teams that came after him. Although the participants who preceded him have been able to play on the dry section, in the first sections of the section lost a lot of time because of the rain, but finally he has recovered thirteen seconds to the leader, being again only three tenths of the time to take the first position of the section.

After these first two stages came the third special of the day, a somewhat shorter section than the first two, which has been played in full sun and which has not gone so well. He has lost just over two seconds, coming in third position to the first part of the rally and positively surprising many.

Already entered in the second part of the first stage, in the link to the fifth section of the day; an error on the part of Miki Ibáñez, the co-pilot of the equipment, made them penalize with forty seconds after having entered the time control outside the established time, concretely with four minutes of delay. That has enraged them and they have gone all out to the stage achieving the first scratch of their career in WRC2, having a great merit to beat both the official Skoda team and the many more experienced pilots who are competing in the same. category. With this unfortunately it has not been possible to remedy the penalty, getting in the next section the third position; and reaching the end of this first day of competition in sixth position of WRC2, with a disadvantage compared to the leader, the Czech Jan Kopecký, of just over 44 seconds.

In the two remaining days of competition will be played almost 200km timed more. The objective for the day tomorrow will be no other than to climb positions gradually and try to climb to the top positions again.

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