Nil Solans faces his fourth rally in WRC2 and his fourth Rally of Portugal

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nil-solans-enfrenta-su-cuarto-rallye-en-wrc2-y-su-cuarto-rallye-de-portugal_fullNil Solans and Miki Ibáñez face the Rally of Portugal between May 17 and 20, their fourth round of the World Rally Championship season in the WRC2 category (the fifth in total since they also played Sweden as a non-priority). It is also the fourth time he participates in this event, since it was already in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018.

In all of them it has done with a Ford Fiesta, although in the previous three with an R2 and this time with the R5. This car manufactured by M-Sport has given many setbacks this season, unusual problems that have prevented him from achieving results consistent with the speed of the original Matadepera rider (when he was running smoothly in the Rally Argentina, for example, was close to the pace of the official Skoda). In 2017 he also had a problem just starting, but was able to overcome time and achieved second place in the WRC3 category, which would end up winning at the end of the season.

It will be the third time that it competes in the north of Portugal, one in which the temperatures are not usually as high as in Mexico or Argentina (although in 2017 if the sun reigned throughout the weekend). In this type of terrain your Dmack tires perform quite effectively, so if the mechanics are up to the task, it will be interesting to see where they stand with respect to the official drivers competing in the second division of the rally championship.

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