Nil Solans, one more step in his progression in the WRC2

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In the Rally of Portugal he has shown it again. Already in Argentina he made a good rally. In the sections that could run was seen a progression in the first kilometers of the season, faster and faster, setting good times in some sections as happened in Argentina. When circumstances are optimal Nil usually records that he is in the group of pilots to follow carefully in WRC2.

Now comes a small stop, until September has no plans to compete again, it will be the Rally of Turkey theoretically his next test in the world, unless you can choose a previous rally as set-up. Then with Wales and Catalunya should end the season of WRC2.

Nil at the end of the test left these statements: “This was a much better rally for us.” The car was working really well, we suffered a bit with the high temperatures that did not suit our car configuration. I feel that this weekend I improved my driving style, with good driving and a good feeling behind the wheel. We are learning a lot, but we also know that there are still many things to learn. “

So far Solans and Ibanez have played four scoring events for the WRC2, finishing them and scoring in all of them, but for this they have had to do Super Rally for different faults.

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